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Fukushima Fallout

The curious case of George Monbiot's nuclear epiphany

In 2011, ten days after the Fukushima disaster began, the blogger George Monbiot announced that he had changed his mind about nuclear power; he was no longer ambivalent but head over heels in favour.

As converts to irrational belief systems often do, he soon started slaughtering heretics. The Guardian newpaper provided the weapons and the first victim was Chris Busby. He didn't take it lying down.

Here are links to what happened and links to important and highly relevant information from the scientific literature. (the links below take you to pages from the old LLRC site)

In May 2011 Monbiot used a Guardian-sponsored lecture tour to attack Busby's research. LLRC got a tip-off and responded.

There's no debate, you're Chicken George - LLRC handbags Monbiot at the Hay Festival.

Monbiot gets offensive in The Guardian and takes bad advice from Geraldine Thomas.

Monbiot gets an invitation to a public meeting from the Lord Mayor of Oxford but chickens out. A video camera stands in for him. This page links to the YouTube clips.

And the view of an independent blogger in 2011 (independent of LLRC, that is).