Geraldine Thomas curiously illinformed views of radiation risk

Professor Geraldine Thomas's curiously ill-informed views

Geraldine Thomas On BBC programmes during 2011, after the Fukushima disaster began, Professor Thomas claimed that people in Great Britain were not exposed to the radiation from Chernobyl and that there will be no death toll from Fukushima.
In March 2016 she made some bizarre statements on BBC TV about the Fukushima exclusion zone: Sure, I'd bring my family to live here - no problem. The BBC described her as Britain's leading expert on the effects of radiation but has deleted the video where she understated the annual dose rate by 26 times when pretending to convert a geiger counter reading in counts per second to Sieverts per year.
Professor Keith Baverstock thinks her remarks amounted to scientific misconduct.
In June 2016 she appeared as an expert witness for the Ministry of Defence in the UK nuclear test veterans' pensions appeal and repeatedly said there is a stable (i.e. non-radioactive) form of Uranium - a very strange belief for an expert to hold.

Richard Bramhall: February 2017

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