Bramhall statement on George Monbiot

George Monbiot's attacks in The Guardian (November 2011)
A statement by Richard Bramhall

Monbiot's article of 21st November 2011 still points to - a vanished web site which American businessman James Ryan had set up. Ryan was, for reasons arising from his own experience, interested in saving parents from having to nurse sick and dying children. Prominent on the site there were links to several videos of Professor Busby. The top one shows him advising people to buy supplements from health food stores or over the internet. Busby made the video after he had heard that lawyers in Japan had succeeded in sabotaging the Foundation James Ryan had tried to set up and it was posted long before Monbiot published his article. It is inconceivable that George didn't see it while he was trawling for dirt but his articles do not refer to it.

Monbiot could have avoided making mistakes if he had approached Busby with his list of questions in a civil manner instead of demanding answers in an impossibly short deadline of less than 24 hours. This was while Busby was away from his desk. I heard about the general drift of the questions from a Green Party contact who had been telephoned by Monbiot but the only detail I could pick up was that he wanted evidence that radioCaesium damages the heart. Knowing that Busby was in Stockholm for a series of meetings I emailed Monbiot. I suggested that he send me his list and offered to help with finding answers. I attached a paper showing a strong relationship between Caesium and reduced heart function.
I wrote:

Your observation that journalists work to deadlines is quite irrelevant. You are the one working to a deadline, not Busby. There is no apparent reason why this correspondence had to be dealt with so hastily. Busby is in Stockholm for a meeting and is not able to shunt that aside to comply with your peremptory demands.
Certainly, as you say, your questions are addressed to Dr Busby, not to me. I was offering to be a go-between because I have no wish to see you propagating more untruths. However absurd your assertions may be and however easily refuted, the fact is that some mud sticks. Busby has now forwarded me your questions and I observe that my email yesterday to Penny Kemp of the Green Party [copied to you] has already answered some of them. I attach a paper about Professor Yuri Bandashevsky's work which answers some more. You might like to know that a fuller treatment is in the ECRR proceedings published today, which Busby has told you about.
Richard Bramhall
Monbiot rudely refused my offer and when his articles appeared in the Guardian they suggested that he didn't understand that several of his questions had already been answered by the information I'd sent him.

Monbiot complains that Busby offered the Proceedings of the 2009 Conference of the ECRR as an answer to some of his questions. Clearly this volume (which was published 20th November) cannot answer his inquiries about Green Audit's administration and finances but it does answer the questions about radiation risk.

Busby has made a personal statement. And see this video of him.

Richard Bramhall: 27th November 2011. Updated February 2017

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