Wolves of Water Errata

Page 157, halfway down: between 50 and 50 km from the sea should be between 0.5 and 50 km from the sea.

Page 189 lines 9 and 19 and page 190 Fig. 6.5.1 legend: for WCR 1994 read Welsh Office 1994.

Page 255 epigraph: 1989? Leo Tolstoy had been dead quite a long time by then. The quote seems to be from What is Art 1897.

Page 288, middle of page: Stewart Kemp wasn't at the meeting with the CMO and Wales Cancer Registry staff. We were accompanied by Peter Davies, of the Welsh Nuclear Free Local Authorities.

Page 294, line 6 Bruce Kocjian wasn't at the meeting with David Adams Jones. Richard Bramhall was.

Page 299, Table 12.6.3, col. 4, row 5; for 22.9 read 2.9

Page 327, 9th line from bottom: for Elliott Gould read Elliott Morley (easy mistake to make except that Gould hasn't been imprisoned for fiddling Parliamentary expenses).

Page 342, 8th line from bottom: for Second Event theory (see Ch. 2.6) read see Ch. 2.7.

Page 349 line 4: for 10,000,000 Bq read 10,000,000 Bq/kg.

Page 349: in table 14.3.1 line 6 Krypton-85 for 100,000 read 100,000,000

Page 349: in table 14.3.1 line 7 Technetium-99 for 10,000 read 10,000,000.

Page 358: for Institut Recherche Sûreté Nucléaire read Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire.

Page 458: First paragraph last sentence should read It was easy to show that the 42 was a ridiculously incorrect figure based on people of all ages and that the true figure (based on the actual group of 20-40 year olds) is about 1.5 deaths in every 100,000 persons. (The phrase ... defined a significant excess risk is spurious.)

Page 458: for … given to the Royal Society as evidence last year read … as evidence in 2001.

Page 465: for And it be assumed read And be it assumed

And somewhere he says Roy Hamlet worked for the National Radiological Protection Board. Dr. H has been at the Department of Health for as long as we've been involved in this, so it's probably wrong but I can't be bothered to check.

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