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This is updated (12th Aug) in light of a resignation at Natural Resources Wales

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Does the International Atomic Energy Agency govern Wales?

Natural Resources Wales is determined to let a French company dump radioactive mud from England on Cardiff's doorstep. But two years ago the National Assembly for Wales passed the Environment (Wales) Act 2016. It requires NRW to take account of all relevant evidence and to gather evidence about uncertainties.
Official tests of the mud did not use a method capable of detecting Uranium and Plutonium. NRW doesn't seem to care about that uncertainty.
The Low Level Radiation Campaign has shared evidence with NRW that official bodies underestimate the risks of Uranium and Plutonium. NRW has ignored that evidence. Instead Diane McCrea, NRW's ex-Chair, said they have to follow minimum procedures of the International Atomic Energy Agency to assess the risks. When asked to explain why IAEA should trump Welsh law she resigned without replying. The acting Chair, Madeleine Havard, hasn't replied either.
It seems to me that Uranium and Plutonium are an embarrassment to the nuclear industry and that NRW is colluding with the industry by using a "Don't look don't find" approach. Please ask Dr. Havard to explain why NRW does not order thorough testing of the mud, as required by the Environment (Wales) Act 2016.
Please ask the First Minister to cancel NRW's remit on the mud dump. Please ask him to suspend the dump licence
(Marine Licence 12/45/ML) until proper testing has been done using a protocol agreed by the campaigners - they plainly know more about the science than NRW does.
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Footnote. The Principles of the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 are at Part 1 Section 4: